Sacace Pharma is an innovative Italian company specialized in design, production and distribution of high quality collagen products. Sacace is present in medical fields such as Plastic surgery, Vascular surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Burns and dermal reconstruction, General surgery and the company portfolio includes also a wide range of products for Cosmetology.

Our mission is to provide patients, healthcare professionals and companies of the medical and cosmetology sectors with innovative, high quality and safe collagen products. Sacace manufactures and distributes patented technology collagen extracted from skin from different animal species (bovine and equine). The risk management process put in place by Sacace and his partners guarantees complete microbiological safety for end users.

Medical devices marketed by Sacace are designed and manufactured according to international regulatory requirements for commercialization on world markets and certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Our CE marked  product  is a natural injection collagen, which has a structure similar to human collagen. It is capable of restoring the dermis due to the activation of collagenogenesis while improving the dermis characteristics. The native triple-helix structure of collagen fibers in our gel is maintained preserving high stability and acting as a matrix for directed tissue regeneration.